Amore in Italy


Hello again lovelies! Thank you for coming back to my blog if you’re already a follower, or if you’re new: welcome! First off I want to thank you all so much for the support I’ve had already. This feels like a little internet family, everyone has been so kind! I also have an Instagram account @coffeeeandcreamblog , please follow it for updates!

Onto what my post is about. Last month I actually went on holiday to Venice, Italy. I can tell you it is my favourite place I have ever been, simply dreamy. I took a lot of photos while I was there so I thought I would share the experience with you!

We took a trip down the canal in a gondola, while the gondolier sang to us in soothing Italian, telling tales of the city along the way.

The skies were crystal clear, elated tourists snapping photos, admiring…

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