Palermo Flooding Kills 12 People (Sicily, Video + Photos) – Pray for Sicily

A flooding in Palermo has caused a lot of damages and deaths.


I cannot believe this really happened.

My mum has been telling me: “The weather is crazy!”, “It hasn’t stopped raining!” and I was like “Why is she so upset about it? It’s just rain! Rain has never killed anyone”.

I was wrong.

I didn’t realize how many damages the rain was causing.

The Thunderstorms

Sicily has been scourged by very bad weather.

In recent hours, the flooding of some rivers in the province of Palermo has caused the death of 10 people, including two children of 1 and 2 years, while two people are still missing in Casteldaccia.

Rainy night and the damage count is endless.

Many citizens have alerted the fire brigade operations center. Many found themselves trapped in cars, especially near the overpasses.

Palermo flooding

In the last couple of days the city’s mourning was declared and even though I am far away from my Sicily my heart is very close to my fellow citizens.

Palermo flooding

The victims

I would like to list the name of the victims to pay them some respect and ask for some prayers for them and their families.

Palermo flooding

Rachele Giordano, 1 year old.

Francesco RughΓ³, 3 years old.

Federico Giordano, 15 years old.

Stefania Catanzaro, 32 years old.

Marco Giordano, 32 years old.

Monia Giordano, 40 years old.

Alessandro Scavone, 44 years old.

Matilde Comito, 57 years old.

Antonino Giordano, 65 years old.

Nunzia Flamia, 65 anni.

Giuseppe Liotta (missing), 40 years old.

2 German tourists (names unknown).

Nine of them were from the same family, three generations gone for ever. Grandparents, parents and grandchildren.

I cannot express with words my grief.

I hope that the Sicilian region do something to prevent this from happening again.


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8 Thoughts

  1. So incredibly sad. I have relatives in Northern Italy who have also been impacted by the flooding. Scary and worrying times.

  2. How awful! I am so sorry to hear about that – how devastating for the whole community
    but especially for the family you mentioned. πŸ™

    1. Hello! I know I feel deviated, my mum’s house was also flooded but she’s ok, thank God! And the fact that I’m miles away from home makes me feel horrible πŸ™

      1. I can imagine your feelings of helplessness. It happened to my friend earlier this year when she watched the scenes in Genoa after the bridge collapsed. It was awful for her.
        I am so glad to hear your mum is safe.

      2. Hello crushedcaramel, sorry your comment into my spam folder and I have just noticed! :/ Thank you so much πŸ™‚

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