6 Ridiculously Simple Ways to Improve Your Italian

It’s not enough to simply try to learn a new language; you must take actual steps to be fluent at it. That’s why it’s essential for you to improve your Italian. One smart way of doing this is to make a habit out of it. What do I mean by this, you wonder?

Experts believe that when you dedicate 10 hours of your day towards learning a new language, you can attain fluency within 48 days. And if you cut the learning hours by half (five hours), the time it takes to be fluent increases twofold.

I guess what I’m saying is, the more time you spend improving your Italian, the better you’ll get at it. Be that as it may, that’s the major obstacle standing between you and your mastery of the language; time. Between your home chores and a crazy work schedule, finding extra time to learn a new language can be challenging.

But, what if I told you there is a ridiculously simple way to improve your Italian? You merely have to make it  part of your daily life. In other words, you must live as an Italian would do. Have I confused you?

Relax, grab a cup of tea and let me explain.

Improve Your Italian With These 6 Daily Habits

Here is how changing your daily habit can help refine your knowledge of the Italian language.

1. Listen to Italian Content

Whether it’s doing the dishes at home or being stuck in traffic, we all have daily routines that don’t require our utmost attention. Rather than letting your mind wander during these free moments, consider listening to some Italian contents. For example, you can replace the current songs on your phone with Italian ones.

Aside from the entertainment perk, listening to Italian music also provides a melodic context to words and phrases. In the end, you can enjoy good music and learn at the same time. Alternately, you can download an Italian audiobook to improve your listening comprehension of the language.  

2. Take Notes

It isn’t enough to listen to contents; you must take note too. No, I’m not talking about typing on your electronic device. I mean take actual notes with your pen and paper.

Research shows that taking notes with your hands helps you process the information better. As a result, you’ll recall all that you’ve learned quickly. Consider creating an Italian journal to write down;

  • Unfamiliar words in songs on audiobooks
  • Your To-do list
  • Summarise what you read in Italian textbooks
  • Details about your day etc.

Doing this on a daily basis is one sure step to help improve your Italian.

3. Change Your Default Language

Another option is to change the default language of all your devices to Italian. I’m talking about your phone, tablet, and laptop. Not only does this encourage full language immersion, but it’s also the simplest way to do it. But, why limit yourself to your iPhone or Android device?

You can also change the language of all the websites you frequent, including social media pages. For example, your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages can be in Italian.

4. Learn the Culture

I’ll admit, spending every free moment of your day on separate language study can be tedious. At some point, it may even become a chore. As such, you must always look for a way to keep things interesting. One way to ensure this is by learning bits of Italian culture.

As far as the aspect of culture to focus on are concerned, your options are limitless. It ranges from learning Italian recipes and cooking preparation to learning the arts. An essential benefit of learning the culture is, it gives you a better understanding of the language.

5. Attend Italian Meetups

Whether it’s a coffee house or at a bar, meetups are always fun to attend. Aside from the refreshment, you’ll also enjoy an engaging conversation with native speakers. Yes, it’s an opportunity to learn some new vocabulary.

However, you must prepare adequately to make the most of the meetings. For example, write out the questions you’ve always wanted to ask a native speaker. Also, don’t forget to take notes.

6 Speak Italian

You can’t improve your Italian if you never speak it. Now, you may argue that you’re not fluent enough and I would tell you that it doesn’t matter. The truth is, no one really knows how much knowledge to acquire before speaking a new language. Whether it is broken, grammatically incorrect or confused Italian, the least you can do is try to speak.

So, talk to yourself, hire a tutor, or find other native speakers online. Whatever you do, don’t forget why you want to improve your Italian in the first place; for better communication.

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