Hello everyone!

Today I just want to tell you a story, mine.

When I first started learning English, I was feeling frustrated and demotivated. I felt like I was not making any progress, I felt like I was wasting my time! 😞😭

It was back in 2015, which isn’t really that long ago, when I’ve moved to the UK and it was an absolutely nightmare at the beginning!

I remember running to the ladies and crying because I felt alone, in a new country, and I couldn’t communicate to anyone but my mum on the phone. 😤😫

After a few weeks I said to my self “Irene, you have to learn English or you’re going back home, you can’t keep living like this. You’re miserable!”

That’s when I decided that I needed help, because I didn’t want to go back home (not because I didn’t miss it, I still miss it a lot!! But because the economic situation in Italy is terrible and finding a job is very hard).

I started my English studies by taking private lessons twice a week and after months (let’s say years! 🤣) of hard work… well, here I am!

I am very fluent in English now and it doesn’t surprise me the fact that I keep learning new things every day! A lifetime wouldn’t be enough to learn every expression, every English word! But I am fluent anyway!

I have just briefly told you this story because I want you to know that if I have learned a new language, if I have been able to learn English and become fluent… you can do the same! You can learn Italian and can fluently speak Italian if you want to! 👍💪😍🇮🇹

Today I have a big surprise for you, only because it’s you and I like all of you!

In a few days I will launch a FREE Italian basic course that will help you a lot if you have just started learning this beautiful language!!

sign up for my free italian basic course

It will be absolutely FREE. You can sign up now to receive the link to the course straight to your inbox right after it will be launched. Click here to sign up: https://wp.me/PaiRDw-fu 🇮🇹🔝🇮🇹

A presto,


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