Hello everyone and welcome to another Italian lesson! Today we are going to talk about the Italian verbs ending in -ere.

As you already should know there are three different types of verbs in Italian:

The majority of verbs in Italian end in -are, like parlare (“to speak”). They are said to belong to the first conjugation. (There are also verbs that end in -ere and -ire. These belong to the second and third conjugations respectively).

To conjugate a verb in Italian, you need to remove the -are, -ere, -ire ending from the infinitive (the form that you find in the dictionary). What is left is called the stem, which does not change in the vast majority of Italian verbs. The stem serves as the base to which we add endings; there is a different ending for each person.

Italian verb ending in -ere: Prendere (To Take)

For example, let’s take into consideration the verb “prendere” (to take).

The stem of this verb is PREND (PREND/ERE). Therefore, we have to add to this stem all the different ending, which are:

  1. -O

  2. -I

  3. -E

  4. -IAMO

  5. -ETE

  6. -ONO

Hence, the Present Tense of the verb prendere is:

coniugazione del verbo prendere in italiano conjugation of the verb to take in italian prendere  

Other examples:

Verb CREDERE (To Believe)

present tense of the verb credere to believe in italian


Verb SCRIVERE (To Write)

present tense of the verb scrivere to write in italian

Verb VEDERE (To See)

present tense of the verb vedere to see in italian

Verb RISPONDERE (To Reply/ To Answer)

present tense of the verb rispondere to reply to answer in italian


We use the Present Tense for:

  • events happening in the present
  • habitual actions
  • current states of being and conditions
  • actions planned to occur in the future

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