The interrogative pronouns in Italian

Interrogative pronouns in Italian

What is an interrogative pronoun? In English the interrogative pronouns are who…?, which…?, whose…?, whom…?, and what…?. They are used without a noun to ask questions. The interrogative pronouns in Italian These are the interrogative pronouns in Italian: Chi? Who? Whom? Che? What? Cosa? What? Che cosa? What? Quale? Which? Which one? Quanto? How much? Quanti? How many? Chi, che, […]

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Italian Adverbs in -mente

Italian adverbs in -mente italian with irene

Welcome to today’s lesson about italian adverbs in -mente! Let’s start by a question: What is an adverb? An adverb is a word used with verbs to give information on where, when or how an action takes place. For example: here, today, quickly.  An adverb can also add information to adjectives and other adverbs: extremely quick, very quickly. How adverbs […]

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