WTF is Writing?

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Originally posted on irevuo:
Let’s start by defining writing: what is it? It’s the act of converting intangible feelings, thoughts, and emotions into symbols that carry meaning. Like a musician striking chords, converting his internal message into sounds that carry feelings, so does the writer with his words. Isn’t it fascinating that with 26 letters – abstract symbols devoid of…

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What Italian women want

We’ve all asked ourselves, at least once in our life: “what is it that women really want”? Even though the list is endless, in this article we’ll focus more on a special group of women: those born and raised in Italy. Here’s what you need to pay attention to, in order to woo one of them. Family: the foundation of […]

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12 Best Italian Street Foods

Every year, thousands of people fly to Italy to visit its beautiful and astonishing landscapes but still many people don’t relate Italy with street food. However, Italy is not only about pizza and pasta. So, here is a list of 12 best Italian street foods or “Cibo di Strada“: 1. Arancini These small rice balls deep-fried until they turn crispy […]

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