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Talking about your body in Italian (1)Hello everyone! Today’s Italian lesson is about body parts in Italian. This first article will be focused on face parts …2018/12/222018-12-22 00:04:34
Talking about your daily routine in ItalianOne of the first thing you might learn when learning a new language is talking about yourself. In this article …2018/12/182018-12-18 14:11:23
Learn Italian with songs: Il re leone – Il cerchio della vitaLearn Italian with songs – Italian with Irene! Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. I think that one …2018/12/122018-12-12 10:32:54
Learn Italian with songs: Nient’altro che noi – Max PezzaliLearn Italian with songs – Italian with Irene! Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. I think that one …2018/12/112018-12-11 13:31:44
Like and dislike: how to express it in ItalianHello everyone! Welcome to my blog again. In this article I will talk about “like” and “dislike” in Italian. This …2018/12/042018-12-04 12:32:55
Saying what your occupation is in ItalianIn this article I am going to explain you how to ask what someone’s occupation is in Italian and how …2018/11/302018-11-30 10:32:14
Present Tense of Verbs Ending in -are in Italian – Presente dei Verbi che Terminano in -areThe majority of verbs in Italian end in -are, like parlare (“to speak”). They are said to belong to the …2018/11/032018-11-03 09:22:36
Saying your nationality and what languages you speakIn the previous article I explained you how to introduce people in Italian. After you introduce yourself or somebody else …2018/11/022018-11-02 10:33:59
Introduce people in Italian “L’abito non fa il monaco” Italian proverb This means literally “the habit does not make the monk” which means the …2018/11/022018-11-02 09:45:09
Gli articoli determinativi – Definite articles in ItalianYou can buy my book here. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂 Did you like this article? Leave a comment …2018/10/312018-10-31 08:55:29
Italian phrases and tips for shopping in ItalyItaly: the capital of shopping!! I think you need these phrases 🙂 ♦♦♦ You can buy my book here. I …2018/10/302018-10-30 09:28:11
3 Simple Steps to Create a Brilliant Learning Study PlanNext BY IRENE SANCIMINO – 29/10/2018 As humans, we spend our whole lives learning something new. A hobby, a new …2018/10/292018-10-29 09:14:38
Saying of the day – I know my chickens♦♦♦ You can buy my book here. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂 Did you like this article? Leave a …2018/10/282018-10-28 14:10:10
Learn Italian: the best approachStop and think about yourself, travelling among the beauties of Italy and, after all that study, talking in Italian with …2018/10/252018-10-25 09:27:26
Italian Conversation By Collins – ReviewHello everyone, Today I want to talk about Easy Learning Italian Conversation (Collins Easy Learning Italian). I initially bought it …2018/10/182018-10-18 11:28:19
How to ask for things at the restaurant in ItalianWhen you’re out in a restaurant you will need to be able to ask for what you want. If you …2018/10/162018-10-16 12:28:59
Italian vocabulary: all the expressions you need to know to wish your friends an amazing birthday!Do you have an Italian friend and don’t know how to wish him/her a happy birthday? Well. just keep reading, …2018/10/152018-10-15 03:30:21
Italian vocabulary: to get dressed. All the words you need to know.Essere di moda (= to be fashion) seguire la moda ( = follow the current fashion); essere di moda / …2018/10/142018-10-14 21:14:31
Past tense in Italian – “L’imperfetto”Let’s start with some regular verbs: abitare (to live), avere (to have) and aprire (to open). abit-are av-ere apr-ire abitavo …2018/10/122018-10-12 08:20:51
Italian nouns: gender and numberIn Italian every noun has a gender (masculine or feminine) and a number (singular or plural). Almost every Italian noun …2018/10/112018-10-11 08:25:50
Italian greetings (Video)You can find the article “Italian greetings” here. Advertisements Like this:Like Loading...Facebook Comments2018/10/102018-10-10 12:58:30
What time is it? – Che ore sono?How many times do we need to ask or answer the question: “What time is it?”. Keep reading to know …2018/10/102018-10-10 12:52:48
Saying of the day – Il proverbio del giornoPrima Pensa, Poi Parla, Perché Parole Poco Pensate Portano Pena. Lit. “Think first, then speak. Because little-thought words bring pain”. …2018/10/082018-10-08 10:12:03
Saying of the day – Il proverbio del giornoBuon tempo e mal tempo non dura tutto il tempo Lit. “Good times and bad times don’t last all the …2018/10/062018-10-06 13:52:35
Italian greetingsAre you planning on going to Italy soon? Are you excited about visiting this lovely country but scared at the …2018/09/292018-09-29 08:17:26

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