You can do it!

me in london talking on the phone in front the big ben, if i can do it you can too

Hello everyone! Today I just want to tell you a story, mine. When I first started learning English, I was feeling frustrated and demotivated. I felt like I was not making any progress, I felt like I was wasting my time! 😞😭 It was back in 2015, which isn’t really that long ago, when I’ve moved to the UK and […]

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WTF is Writing?

study plan

Originally posted on irevuo:
Let’s start by defining writing: what is it? It’s the act of converting intangible feelings, thoughts, and emotions into symbols that carry meaning. Like a musician striking chords, converting his internal message into sounds that carry feelings, so does the writer with his words. Isn’t it fascinating that with 26 letters – abstract symbols devoid of…

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